Poynton Youth Brass Band 1982-2008



htr_radiance Tony was a great friend who will be sadly missed by us all,

  He always put a smile on our faces even when we were down.

  He will always be in our thoughts and never forgotten.

He will be missed at band by everyone on a Friday.

God bless Tony

Jarvis family



There are no real or known words to describe Tony,
he meant a lot to everyone
and it’s going to be strange walking into band and not seeing his grinning face,or hear his joking comments.

He was an absolute legend of a guy and managed to put a smile on absolutely everyone’s face. There wasn’t a soul he didn’t get on with, and there was no one that couldn’t get on with him.
I know none of this holds any justice to him.

But we were all Blessed to have known him.

He’s gonna be missed.

Helen and the Baguley Family. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx



Tony has been part of Poynton Youth Band for many years giving his time and experience to the organisation greatly benefitting old and young together.
The Youth Band has always run on peoples goodwill and dedication and Tony had plenty of both..
He was always very proud of his family and lit up every Friday night with his smile, pleasant manner and willingness to help.

We will always treasure the memories of the lovely times together.

God Bless you.

Les and Joyce xxx



I'm very sad to hear of the loss of Tony, who was a great friend to everyone. He was very helpful in the running of the band and was always there when people needed cheering up.

He will be greatly missed by all.
It was a pleasure to have known him.

Ailsa xxxxx


For all the time that I knew Tony he was unbelievably supportive and considerate to all of the musicians in the band.
I will miss him deeply for his jolly, decent and smiley face.There are so many good things that you can say about him.
He was always there if you needed to talk or just wanted some company and somehow he always saw the bright side of things no matter how bad they were looking.
I would also like to thank him for coming to the charity fund-raising concert which I was giving. It was truly remarkable for him to turn up so unexpectedly and lovely to see how much he had enjoyed it. Tony must have had a big heart...
I will never forget him.


Tony was a thoughtful, kind and generous man who always thought of everyone else.

His funny little jokes and witty remarks always made you smile.

Tony always took time out to listen to you and now Friday nights will seem strange without him there. Our thoughts and love to Janet, Rick and Andy.

It's been a privilege to have known you Tony.

Sleep tight and God Bless.

Geoff, Chris and Andy Widdowson